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My Process

01. Outline Phase

Upon nailing down the video concept, I write up a bullet-pointed outline which helps provide a “birds-eye-view” of the video’s purpose and core content.

02. Script Phase

Upon the approval of the outline, I write up a script for the video—typically in Google Docs. I then use comments to help depict which overlays, screen captures, imagery, or B-roll footage will overlay me as I’m talking in the video.

03. Shooting Phase

I shoot the video reading the script from a teleprompter. There is some deviation from the script on occasion to help it flow more naturally, but the core content is followed to help ensure accuracy. For the set, I typically sit at a desk with a green screen behind me that’s replaced in post.

04. Editing Phase

After shooting the video, I use Final Cut Pro to edit the video. This process involves cutting and color-grading the footage, replacing the green screen with a custom background to match the video’s content, animating any titles or text, recording screen captures, adding music, and anything else needed to refine the video. Upon completing the edit, I provide a link to the video allowing easy feedback and commenting based upon timestamps in the video.

05. Publishing Phase

Upon approval, I design a thumbnail, write any necessary descriptions (typically based upon the script) and upload to Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo, or the platform relevant to the project.

Some of My Videos

Located in

Boise, Idaho

4k Quality

As TVs, screens, and monitors continue to improve in clarity and quality, stay ahead of the game by delivering your video content in super-sharp 4k quality.

Color Science

Videos are shot in C-LOG3 and custom color graded to allow for crisp, vibrant colors, and a dynamic range that goes way beyond what’s possible with smartphones and webcams.

Crisp Audio

Every video is recorded with either a pro shotgun mic for tutorials or a studio condenser mic for voiceovers to help ensure the cleanest, most professional audio possible.

Dynamic Background

Any videos shot with Thomas as the host are done with a green screen to allow for any setting or background and even animated titles and colors to ensure the video matches your brand.

Thumbnail Design

Depending on the platform, the thumbnail can be just as important as the video itself. That’s why a thumbnail will be crafted to fit the content and attract eyes as well.

Vertical Video

As social media sites and algorithms continue to favor short-form, vertical videos, deliver high-quality videos to help grow your reach and influence around the web.
Brad Touesnard

Awesome job by @ThomasEMcGee on this video tutorial about properly encrypting data in PHP.

Brad Touesnard
Founder of Delicious Brains

Mate you have just saved me big time. Have been trying to figure out how I can survive during the apocalypse. As a teacher I was sweating not been able to earn an income. This video was simple, accurate and fricking rocked my world...LEGEND! :-)

The best video after watching 10's of videos! Thank you for keeping simple and clean! :)

This. This was the only video, after hours of digging, that I was able to find which answered the questions I needed. Thank you so much.