As someone who’s worked independently as a designer, developer, videographer, and a creator; I’ve spent quite a bit of time testing and making tools to make life easier.

That said, I’ve put together a handy collection of videos, tools, and resources I’ve either made or recommend to help you as you build your YouTube channel, podcast, client business, or creative work.

Make Your Own Videos

Tutorials and tools for making your own videos.

Get More Done

Apps and productivity tips to help you get more done.

Build a Brand

Things to consider if you’re building a brand as a creator.

Get My Free Bookmark Manager

I created a free web app to help you organize and access all of your favorite places around the web.

My Favorite Apps

Here are my favorite (mostly Mac/iOS) apps that have helped me get more done. Hopefully they can help you get more done too!

Video Gear I Recommend

Here is the specific gear I recommend for anyone looking to get started with video.